The Marathon is a high performance, 2-place side-by-side plans built airplane with fixed tricyle landing gear. Constructed primarily of wood and fiberglass covering, the Marathon cruises at about 185 mph range on 150hp and has a range of over 900 miles. Engines range from 150 to 180hp.

The Marathon has a wingspan of 25ft and is 21ft, 10" in length. The builder has the choice of carrying all the fuel in the wing, or sleek tip tanks can be installed.

Complete landing gear assemblies and other finished components are available from Mirage Aircraft. Six construction videos are also available.

The complete set of plans , videos, and construction manual guide you through the project, teaching you the skills as you go.

The Marathon is patterned after the Celerity which was designed by Larry Burton, who flew the prototype in 1985 and won an Oshkosh workmanship award that same year. The Celerity prototype has accumulated over 900 hours. It is designed to be built by the average person, with average skills, at low cost, yet perform as well as the most expensive kit airplanes in it's class. Complete Marathon materials packages are available from Aircraft Spruce.