October, 2006

Austin Underbakke's wood instrument panel (Ed. note--I misplaced the photo legend last issue, so here is what Austin sent us concerning his wood panel.)
Enclosed is a snapshot of the panel in my Celerity. The wood facing is Asian Burled Camphor wood. As a matter of fact, you can still smell the camphor! The panel, listed left to right: (Sorry! Port to Starboard) is as follows:

More hints from Andy in our next newsletter!

More hints and photos from Andy Campbell will appear in our next issue. Unfortunately, when I was traveling this summer I was unable to meet up with Andy in person to write an article on his project. However, Andy graciously provided many photos and a writeup of his own, which I have used almost verbatim. Luckily he sent more material than I can use in this one newsletter issue, so we are happy to use the rest of his helpful hints in our next issue.

The wing detaches, so why not the tail?

To Andy, this seemed like a natural question. Especially since you might either have limited shop space, or you may have a need to detach the horizontal or vertical stabilizer at a later date for some other reason. The answer of course is to make these surfaces removable, and our next issue will outline how Andy has accomplished this on his project. If you are interested in this as a construction or a retrofit for your project, be sure and watch for it in our next issue. Until then, build and fly safely!

Who is your supplier?

In our last issue we mentioned that the locking, machined aluminum fuel caps Gary Rene used on his Celerity project were from Wicks Aircraft Supply. I subsequently received a friendly call from Aircraft Spruce and Specialty Company reminding me that they also sell this same part, listed in their catalog and also available on their Web site. (By the way, I was glad to see they read this newsletter!) Actually, almost everything you need to build either the Celerity or Marathon airplane design is available from Aircraft Spruce and Wicks Aircraft. Both companies have our materials lists, so you can buy materials "kits" for your airplane without having to do your own parts counts from the plans that we furnish. And both companies have excellent reputations for service, quality, and dependability. I would not hesitate in any way to recommend Wicks OR Aircraft Spruce to any of our builders. They each know what you need for your project, and my experiences have been very positive with both of these suppliers.

Address change--again

We will be using the following Tucson address in the future, whether we are traveling or not. Period. (Comment -- We still LOVE to travel! Ed.) Please note new address for your records: MIRAGE AIRCRAFT, INC. 8702 N Silver Moon Way Tucson, AZ 85743 Phone (unchanged) (520) 240-0041 Email (unchanged) mirage@copper.net 1